Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

Trying this AGAIN! I love to go and read other peoples Blog's... but have the hardest time keeping up with ours!

We had a great holiday season and really enjoyed our families. We have learned so many things over the past year but most importantly, we have realized just how important our family is and the time we can spend together! My dad had a close call over the summer and we lost some important members of our family over the last 6 months (namely my paternal grandma!) But, it feels like some good came out of these life challanges!

We had a great time with Darren's family who were able to visit over the holidays and spent some fun time with the kids! We LOVED being with the kids and especially enjoyed our new 6 month old nephew (who lives WAY too far away!) We took the kids to fun places, and enjoyed a day sledding! We also had the bonus of spending time with my family (because of my grandma's funeral) and enjoyed visiting with all of my cousins! GREAT memories!

We look forward to a wonderful 2011 and plan to make this a good year with good things happening!

Happy New Year!!


ChelsieWatts said...

Yay, she blogs! Welcome back and keep 'em coming.